Are your downspouts, field drains and roof-to-wall drains clogged? Frustrated with those home-made corrosive screens and baskets?

The Brick Drain Cover
is an innovative and practical product that is great for homes, condos, apartments and commercial buildings. Most gutter screens on the market today when inundated with debri water will over shoot the gutters. The Brick Drain Cover has over 144 ways for water to exit, Wow! Even when inundated with debris, the Brick Drain Cover still allows water to flow freely.

The Brick Drain Cover is Easy to Install!

Simply place the unit over any hole or in front of any wall drain. Insert a brick (standard size) to keep the unit in place. That’s it!

No roof penetrations
No nuts or bolts
Lifetime Guarantee

Nothing else on the market stand up against the amazing Brick Drain Cover!

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